Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanks to my husband

It's amazing when you realize that someone loves you so much, not because, like your "family" they are expected to, but because they choose to give you that love. Because they think you deserve it!

My husband is such a generous man, and he really adores me. I am thankful that he has such room in his heart for me and all my wacky ways, for our kitties who test his limits multiple times a day, for his family (who are much like the kitties in their testing of his limits), and that he selflessly gives of himself to just about everyone he knows.

I am thankful that he has such humor in his being and he sings to me, to the kitties, to his friends, just because it makes him feel good.

I am thankful that he is so handy and can fix anything, and he has the wherewithall to know what needs fixing!

Finally, I'm thankful that he chose me and this life we lead, and I look forward to all of our tomorrows.

Love you honey!

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