Saturday, April 2, 2011

George + Reba = Awesomeness

Last night Handsome and I had a terrific date night.  We got to the Pepsi Center around 6:00 and found our seats and the nearest concession stand.  We ordered juicy burgers, fries and Blue Moons.

After mowing our dinner, sipping our brewskis, the arena went dark at exactly 7:00.

Enter the opening act:  Lee Ann Womack

She's totally adorable and super high energy.  I don't know every song she sang, but I do know a couple.

Of course, "I Hope You Dance" which is such a terrific song with a great message:  Don't be a wallflower in life, get out there, dance!

But more recent is the song "Last Call" which I LOVE.  It's so sad, though, thinking about how some guys always call some girls when they're at the bar, and how they think that's okay.

Anyway.  She rocked.  Sang for 30-45 minutes.  Then she was done.  Bathroom time.  (Nightmare)

Then, the second act came on.  Who?  Ah, yes, the one and only:  REBA.

Reba is absolutely unbelievable.  She's smokin hot, has a voice that goes on and on and on, and she's been doin her thing for decades!  Singer, actress, author...  She is amazing.  Almost 2 million people "Like" Reba on Facebook!

She sang new songs, old songs, and a duet with Lee Ann Womack (Does He Love You? of course)

My favorites:  If I was a Boy, Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, Strange, Turn on the Radio, I'm a Survivor, Because of You and of course, the encore - Fancy.

She comes out in this awesome old time taxicab with this amazing red dress.  Wow.  I told Handsome that if the concert ended right then, I would've felt like I got my money's worth!  That lady is A-MAZ-ING!

And then?


You know.  There was a man by the name of King George.

I have seen George once before.  Handsome and I saw him right there in that Pepsi Center, before we got married.  A little fella by the name of Dierks Bentley opened for him that night.  Hubba.

On this Friday night, George sang all these songs that I knew.  It was so cool.  I heard All My Ex's live in Texas, Amarillo by Morning (one of my FAVORITES), Blue Clear Sky, Check Yes or No, Give it Away (Handsome LOVES this one), Honk if you honky tonk, How 'Bout Them Cowgirls, I Can Still Make Cheyenne (Another FAVORITE), Ocean Front Property, The Breath You Take, Fireman, Troubadour, Wrapped, and about a dozen more! 

He still looks and sounds as good as ever.  Mmmm mmmm.  Thanks y'all, you made my entire spring in one night.  Mwah!

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