Sunday, June 5, 2011

Georgetown Loop

We went to Georgetown to ride the train with the Myers today.  That was fun, even if you're not a kid!

The 3 foot narrow gauge railroad is nestled in Clear Creek canyon where you can check out all the mining that took place in Georgetown and Silver Plume.  The train goes in a corkscrew fashion and climbs 600 feet in one direction. 

First we rode the steam engine.  We stopped along the route at the Lebanon Silver Mine where Paul was a volunteer miner with our guide, Faith.  She was fantastic, but Paulie didn't come home with silver in his pockets.  We got to go 500 feet into the mine where we saw all the offshoots to the different parts of the mine.  Much of the lower sections were filled in with water (cold water, the mine stays at a constant 44 degrees so the water was chilly!).

The ride to complete the loop from the mine was on a diesel engine, which blew out lots of debris.  It was icky, and I picked that crap out of my hair for a week afterward.  The history and gorgeous views of this place make it worthwhile to visit.

Afterward, we stopped at Tommyknockers Brewery and had lunch and sampled their beers.  It was delicious and a great way to spend the day!

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