Monday, September 15, 2008

A "W" is still a "W"

I heart Jay Cutler. Can I just say that right now? As a Broncos fan, yesterday's game was as exciting as they come.

The home team took the lead early in the game and didn't let it go until late in the fourth quarter. In typical Broncos fashion, it was a nail biter at the end.

Sure, people are screaming about the botched call(s) by the officials. But c'mon, it's football! Things will go your way sometimes, other times you get hosed.

However, this kid is simply unbelievable.

What he's done with the team is amazing. And he's so darn confident. Oh, Jay, thanks for being a good kid and a great QB.

Unlike your nemesis in yesterday's shootout.

Smack talkin' P-Riv. Not liking you so much. Frankly I think you got what you deserved yesterday.

And Norv? Really? I thought he was going to pop a gasket or a heart valve on the sidelines.

I'll take that 2-0 record. Leading the division. I'll savor it as long as I can.

Thank you Broncos. It's good to be a fan again!

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Amy said...

Your Blog continues to make me laugh. I love the play by play of your Sunday football experience. It wasn't as nice in our house the Bears got BEAT! LEt's just say my husband had his Urlacher jersey on all morning (even wearing it to church)then once the game was over and they lost he put on a White Sox t-shirt in prepartion for the baseball game. AND THANK GOODNESS they won! 1 1/2 games in the lead in their division! LOVE your knowledge on sports!