Monday, September 8, 2008

Question about baby showers

My girlfriend is pregnant with number 3. Her eldest, a girl, is 6 and her youngest, a boy, is 3.

I'd like to throw her a shower for number 3. My cohorts are questioning the etiquette.

Do you think it's okay to throw a shower, even if it's just a diaper and onesie thang, for the mom-to-be of number 3?

Me? I like a party! I believe each child's life should be celebrated! I know diapers are expensive! I am positive that this mom-to-be would appreciate the gesture.

Please, weigh in. Thank you!


Bren said...

Is it a surprise? If not, ask you friend how she feels about it. If she doesn't feel uncomfortable with the idea, go for it! I would have loved a diaper shower with my third baby!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Hope to see you again.

Heather said...

I think that a party would be fine. I would have loved it myself. Not for the gifts, you know, just knowing that folks were excited about a new baby. Why should the first one get all the attention?

Sisters Savings said...

I really think it is a good idea. If you want to host one, then you should! It is a great gesture, why should there be rules about doing nice things for people? Go for it!

High-Heels And A Sippy-Cup said...

My friend and I were discussing this very subject today. We decided that if a friend wants to throw a party for another friend then by all means, do it! Birthday, Shower, Because It's Wednesday: I say reasons don't matter. Because really what you are saying is I love you, right? :-)