Monday, September 1, 2008

Waxing nostalgic

What has happened to the drive-in movie theaters across the country?

Why do people not think that these icons of Americana are worth saving?

We had a drive in theater about 10 miles down the road from our house. It was old, with two screens, one on each end. You could settle in with the speaker through the window or tune your car's radio to the AM station which broadcasted the sound from the movie you were watching.

They leveled that drive in this year. I hear they are putting up condos in its place.

'Cause that's what we need, more condos.

The number of drive in theaters open in the United States is steadily declining. Only 70% of the drive ins open a decade ago are still in operation. They haven't built a new drive in theater in this country since 2004.

Does this make you as sad as it does me?

We have a recurring party with our friends we lovingly call "Redneck Drive In". This constitutes dragging a big ol' 1970s tv set to the bottom of the driveway and inviting everyone together to watch a movie. We pop popcorn and have a potluck (of course, the beer's usually flowing steadily as well). It's a hoot!

This is already a world where the kids who graduate high school this year don't know that Michael Jackson used to be black. Can't we do something about the fact that they may never visit a drive in theater?

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Stephanie, aka Bluedog said...

One of my fondest memories from childhood (I grew up in the '70s) is mom & dad taking me to the drive-in. They were all across the metro area back then--now I don't think there's a one. Sad to think my little girl will miss out on the fun of no Dolby stereo, just a boxy microphone you hang on your window. :)