Saturday, February 6, 2010


Wow, I am so freaking proud of us! We snowshoed on a trail on the west side of Rabbit Ears pass. It was a 4 mile loop and took us 2.5 hours. It was so unbelievably beautiful and peaceful. We only saw maybe a dozen people during that time, and most of them were just starting out as we were finishing up.

Now, we're going to look for snowshoes of our own. I had a great time!

Then we went out for BBQ at the Double Z. Oh my, YUM. First we had the spicy hot link appetizer (totally spicy and really delicious), then I had the pork rib basket (which was just perfect and juicy) and Paul had the Hot Beef sandwich (which had sliced beef AND a couple spicy hot links as well as a layer of cheese). It was the perfect protein punch after our snowshoe adventure!

We walked around by the Yampa river afterward, to let the "air" out. Saw a guy fly fishing and he caught a brown brook trout. It was neat, the river was partly frozen, with giant iced sections. The town is so serene, welcoming. I felt good there!

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