Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend update

Colin Quinn was my favorite Weekend Update host on SNL. I was awfully young but I thought he was totally yum.

Saturday I got my eyes examined and found out that I am seeing BETTER in BOTH eyes since my last exam. Woo hoo! The doc said I must be eating my wheaties. I told her it was probably the oatmeal and Type A food, because I don't eat wheaties.

Handsome has the most awesome vision insurance in the universe. My eye exam, frames, lenses, bells & whistles etc. only cost me $28! What a deal! New glasses should come in by next week. I have to go back for the contacts because she didn't have any of my favorite brand in stock.

Sunday I worked out with the Jillian Michaels Ultimatum game on the Wii. She totally kicks my butt. I like it. Then I took my mom to see the midget in the Colorado Children's Chorale concert. It was beautiful. Those kids are so talented, singing, some dancing, hand movements, all from memory. I am totally impressed.

Handsome and I grilled burgers (beef for him, salmon for me) and played Scrabble after dinner. We have given up TV for Lent and our game playing has vastly improved. I kicked his butt at the word game. He would've gotten me back during our Wii games but he ended up having too many cocktails and his game playing totally suffered. Hee hee.

Worked out at lunch today - 35 minutes on the bike reading a book by my favorite author (Jodi Picoult, how terrific is she?) Scale was at 145.2. Not bad after a weekend.

Tonight? Oh, man, a concert for the ages!

How excited am I?? I can't wait. Two of the most talented guys ever. I can remember listening to my mom's LPs of these guys when I was just a puppy. Together! In one concert! Full update tomorrow. Woo hoo!


Jim Thomas said...

I was at the CCC concert, too. What choir is the midget in?

marigold said...

Hi Jim, he is in the Concert Choir. Weren't they fantastic?