Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Are we ALL having fertility issues?

Handsome and I have been on the "practicing for baby" train for some time now. It's been fun! Of course, he seems to think it's a "quantity" issue, while I'm concerned it's a "quality" issue. We have yet to know the definitive answer to this question. I am not worried in the least about it!

Last night, I showed him the multitude of flowers on the squash and zucchini plants in a container we have in the yard. (I do container gardening because it's easy, controllable and easy.) The container has a couple yellow squash plants and one zucchini plant. We finally have a zucchini that is growing happily amongst the leaves and flowers in the container.

Handsome was awed. He said "Ah, we have a child!"

Then I cracked up.

The squash plants are not so productive. They have big showy flowers but haven't produced any fruit. I dutifully water them, love on them, whisper sweet nothings to them out of earshot of the peppers, but still - nothing but flowers.

Of course, I went to my trusty source for all garden information - the internet. The internet tells me that I may only have male squash flowers. The girls aren't out. (Yet?)

So tomorrow morning, I have to really look at all the flowers to determine if any of them are actually female, or if this is container is strictly boystown. If I find female flowers, I have to pretend I'm a bee.

I will actually have to pollinate the girl flowers with the boy flower parts so that they get their act together and PRODUCE ME SOME BABIES!

Ahem. I mean squash.

::sigh:: I hope the cucumbers learn from this experience.

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Anonymous said...

lol @ the fertility of vegetables.
hope you & DH have better luck. We've been trying for 4 years now and nothing has gone past the first month. Hopefully you'll have some happy news to share soon, and it wont be about your cucumbers ;)