Thursday, July 24, 2008

I think it was in the fine print

Sometimes in a marriage, you end up doing things that you never thought you would do before you got married.

Handsome has gotten a bloody nose a time or two and, somehow, our entire bathroom ends up looking like a war zone. If I were to post pictures, it would look like a slasher film. Scary, but I dealt with it, because that's what a spouse does.

Recently, I had, shall we say an "angry pore" in a location that I could not easily reach, or even see for that matter. But that pore surely made itself known to me. I let it be for at least a week when finally, I could not stand the pain and pressure caused by the pore.

I summoned Handsome. Popping his head into the bathroom he asked, "What's up?" I said "I need your help." I proceeded to tell him what he needed to do.

(I'm saving you from all the gory details; I'm sure you are very thankful!)

As he was assisting in the meticulousness that is required when dealing with an angry pore, he muttered under his breath "I did not sign up for this." And I giggled, thinking in a small way, this was exactly one of the reasons I married him!

And oh, the relief! So, thank you Handsome, for taking on a miniscule operative task which saved your wife from tremendous pain and agony a bout of adult acne. You are my hero.

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thediaperdiaries said...

well if they told us these things before marriage, no one would ever get married :)