Friday, July 11, 2008

Splish Splash

I am taking my son and Handsome's youngest sister to Water World tomorrow. (Please pray for me!)

The two of them are only about 3 years apart. Handsome was 26 when his baby sister was born. Many people are very surprised at this.

It's always fun when the kids get together. People look at me, then at the kids, assuming I'm mom of all. I could wax poetic on the intricacies of each relationship, but I don't.

Once, I went to my sister-in-law's fourth grade play. Afterward, she showed me a mask project the kids in her class had done. As I was ooohing and ahhhing over her mask, one of the fathers came up to me and asked if I was her mother.

I laughed. And said "No, her sister!"

He said "Yeah, right." And walked away. I was a little stunned, but thought it funny that people assume I'm lying about my age, or my relationship with my sister-in-law who is 20 years my junior.

She peppers my son with questions about adoption in ways only kids can. No adults would feel comfortable talking or asking questions in the manner she does. It doesn't have much tact.

But he answers them, although as he gets older, his answers are more thoughtful and reserved. I think kid talk is great, assuming it's in a positive light. They know how to ask questions in ways that adults just stumble over themselves trying. I don't believe that my sister-in-law would ever purposely try to be hurtful to my son with respect to the fact he's adopted. I think she realizes that we are all different, and come from different families, and it's all working out okay.

So, tomorrow I will have another experience which validates my decision to pursue adoption as my own pregnancy alternative.

And I am certain I will have a blast doing it!


jen said...

Kid talk is amazing. I always enjoy listening in on the conversations between my 4-year-old and her friends. They have this amazing balance of wonder and honestly.

Sometimes I wish I could be as comfortable talking about things as they are!

Hope you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Just read Cadens story, thanks for sharing. I had my fist at 20 though it didnt go as hoped shortly followed by another when 21 and can understand how difficult things can be when we're younger. Looks like you made the right decision regarding your son.
Funnily enough DH and I are approved adopters, and just waiting to find a child to bring into our family.

glad you had a great day at the water park, those places are such fun.