Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baseball for a cause

This past weekend was another busy one. We attended a wedding on Saturday night. It was beautiful! The bride has family living in the mountain forest in Colorado and the wedding ceremony and reception was held onsite. It was dubbed a "mountain luau" complete with the groom and best man in hawaiian shirts and flip flops. Very cool.

The following day we went to a baseball event sponsored by the adoption agency through which I placed my son. It was so cool seeing all these families together, all of whom were built by adoption. Lots of little ones, toddlers, a couple kids who were older. Not many birthmoms present, though.

I haven't been in touch with many of the people at the agency since the Boy was born over nine years ago. I reunited with another birthmom at the pre-game picnic and we caught up on each others' lives.

But the best part was seeing my counselor, G, again. G hasn't changed one iota since my days of being a pregnant birthmom. It was amazing. And we talked to each other like nine years had not elapsed between our visits. G, you're like a balm to my soul.

Life has gone by with all the birthdays and anniversaries, the weddings and new homes, the recitals and fairs. In one instant, I was reminded of who I was before my life changed so dramatically the day I saw the plus sign on that pregnancy test.

I wouldn't change any of it, of course. But it sure was nice to see her, and a little piece of the me I used to be.

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