Saturday, June 14, 2008

Starlight Mile High Hunt

This weekend Handsome and I are making history. We are participating in the Third Annual Mile High Hunt which benefits the Starlight Childrens' Foundation. Starlight is an organization that helps very sick kids take their minds off the fact that they are very sick, even just for a little while. They are GREAT.

Handsome and I have been volunteering together since before we got married and I volunteered for them for about 5 years before that. We do things like go to Children's Hospital and make crafts with the kids or volunteer at their fundraising events. The activities are always a good time.

This is our first year being involved with the Hunt. It is a scavenger hunt which takes place in a 10 block by 10 block section of lower downtown Denver.

We've had planning meetings every week for the past month or so and a lot of stuff goes in to organizing an event such as the Hunt. I was a part of the "logistics" subcommittee. This means I helped write the routes that the participants of the hunt would have to follow. My friend Christen and I spent lots of hours together walking all over the neighborhood and wrote up clues to various locations that we came across.

There are lots of parking lots and garages in lower downtown Denver.

Parking lots and garages make for lousy clue writing.

I'm terribly worried that people won't like our route or our clues because sometimes, we really had to reach for it to make it work. In any case, I had a really good time helping to put it together.

Aside from route writing, we were charged with marketing the Hunt to attract people to actually play and participate in the Hunt. We also collected items which we could use in the raffle and prizes which would be awarded to the winners.

Since I've worked at the firm for over 8 years, I have some connections with some people and decided I'd ask for a donation. I contacted one of the upper level folks at one of the banks in town and explained what Starlight is all about and how we were doing the Hunt to fundraise.

Then, I asked if he could please donate a $250 bank gift card for our raffle.

He said yes.

I almost cried, because it was such a weird place for me to ask for what I wanted and even weirder for me to receive that for which I asked.
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the
door will open to you." Matthew 7:7

I don't know why I was so worried.

So anyway, this Saturday the 14th we'll be the big group of people gathered outside Fado's early in the morning and then running around like crazy people all over downtown. It should be GREAT!

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