Thursday, June 5, 2008


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This weekend we had some ground beef hanging out in the fridge. Every time I'd open the fridge door, it would sit there, looking at me, wishing I'd hurry up and make it edible. I would sidle over to the pantry, and the onions would give me their puppy dog eyes. I couldn't stand it any more.

I browned the ground beef (2 pounds) with a chopped onion and drained any fat. Half of the mixture went into a crockpot mix for another post. The other half was made into Bierocks.

Some may spell them with two "r's", some may call them Runzas, some may even call them Samosas (I like mimosas with my samosas but I get giddy over alliteration). This is my recipe and if the name of the dish has no teaser as to what's in it, it may very well get eaten!

So, you take the browned hamburger/onion mixture and you add half a head of chopped cabbage. You can totally cheat on this and use bagged cole slaw if the mere thought of chopping cabbage exhausts you and you can't find your husband to bribe to do it for you.

Cook until cabbage is soft and then you let the whole mixture cool. This is important because you will be handling it and if it's too hot, it will just frustrate you and that's all too common so don't let your food be the frustrating force in your life.

Put the cooled mix in a bowl and add shredded cheese. Your choice of cheese, I put in cheddar because it's what we had. Salt and pepper it a little and mix it up.

Take a can of refrigerated crescent rolls, or a can of biscuits, or a can of pizza dough, and pop it open. You're going to put a few spoonfuls of the beefy cheesy mixture into the biscuit round or crescent roll triangle, or if you're using the pizza dough, you can cut the dough into rectangles. Then fold it over so it's a little hot pocket and put them on your cookie sheet. Bake per the instructions on the can so the meat heats up and the dough cooks golden brown.

Yummy, good stuff. You got your meat, veggie and cheese in a hand held little pastry. Enjoy this and lots of other good eats at Randi's Recipe Box Swap!


Renna said...

I can not WAIT to try this recipe! It looks so easy, and it's something I know Hubby and I will both love. Why have I never heard of this before, I wonder?

I love Recipe Box Swap day! :-)

Anonymous said...

Marigold those sound tasty. We don't have cans of refrigerated crescent rolls, or savoury biscuits, or pizza dough, so have you any suggestions to what I could use instead?
I'm in the UK so not too sure what crescent rolls are. would they be just as good with a vegetarian filling? (I'm sure they would)

thanks for a very tempting recipe :)

Anonymous said...

Marigold, thanks for the info about the bread I will now have to give them a try :) (I will post on my blog the meaning of my recipe ingredients)

thanks for commenting

My Inspired Heart said...

This sounds just yummy....I can't wait to try some of these, I think the kiddos will like them too!

Amber M. said...

This is totally a homemade Runza!! So excited...

Randi said...

These look SO GOOD! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, this looks great! I make a similar dish but without the cabbage -- I must try this though 'cause the cabbage would make a GREAT addition! My family loves little pockets like this. Thanks for visiting my potato salad -- I think you could put our two dishes together and make a meal!