Friday, May 23, 2008

Celebrity lookalike

OK, this is weird, but I ran across a website where you can upload your photo and it will show you who your celebrity look-alikes are. This is me:

Um, yay for all the cutie hot ladies... but Owen Wilson? And the guy from Supernatural after he was Rory's boyfriend in Gilmore Girls?? What is THAT all about?

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Shannon said...

Thanks for visiting my Nut House!

You've got some good celeb look-alikes... but, yeah... Owen Wislon?!??! WHAT?!??!

About getting my pics posted side by side... there is probably some technical way to do it, but this is my method:

After I have uploaded my pics to blogger and they are all lined up vertically (looks like this)


I will move my cursor to the right of the 1st pic and hit enter so there is a space now between the photos:



in that space I will type some stuff... just some random stuff



then move the cursor back to the right of the 1st pic and hit delete so what you typed is right next to the pic... I will then add some spaces and then go delete the mumbo-jumbo stuff that I typed

[pic] [pic]

Hope that makes sense! :)