Thursday, May 1, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Several of the girls from work and I are headed to a weekend in Vegas. I CAN'T WAIT! One of our girls used to work in the Denver office but is now situated in our Vegas office. So we are all going to crash at her house for the weekend. The flight cost me $150 and the room is free, so it's turning out to be a relatively inexpensive getaway. Woo hoo!

Saturday morning is Southern Nevada's Race for the Cure. Most of us girls are planning on running the race. Well, more like walking. Or, depending on how Friday night goes, sleeping in and showing up for the firm-sponsored brunch following the race. That, my friends, is some dedication! Oh, speaking of racing for the cure, you must check out the offer Garth Brooks has set up with the Susan G. Komen foundation.

He has a new Pink Edition of his Ultimate Hits which, for every CD sold, $10 goes to SGK! Awesome. I love Garth. He can sing to me about rodeos and thunder rolling and more than memories all the live long day.

What have planned this weekend is getting all girly with my buds and relaxing, maybe get a massage, relax, maybe sing some karaoke, have a cocktail, or three, hang by a pool oh, and relax. Doesn't that sound fun?
My girlfriend who now lives in Vegas has a pool in her neighborhood which she supposedly has right to use except she hasn't gotten her neighborhood ID. She says the HOA has normal business hours and, well, she doesn't. So, not to let everyone down, but we might not get to use her pool. BUT, she says, there is a solution! We might just have to break into the Nugget casino and use THEIR pool!
Ummm... Well, okay, we will see how this one plays out. And of course I played the office Powerball this week so I may wake up, in Vegas, Sunday morning, a millionaire. Bring it on!

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