Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Little Broncos love 'Fro Me to You

Before I began my life as a gypsy and moved eleventy times, I lived in California.

I tried to play peanut league baseball (where I can remember losing every game, some with scores such as 19-2). I wasn't good at sports. But I wanted to be.

My dad was a baseball fan. He took me to a San Francisco Giants game and an Oakland A's game.

On television I watched Joe Montana and then Steve Young become idols for the San Francisco 49ers.

My grandma and aunt both lived in Colorado. Sometimes they would give me presents that reflected where they lived, who they rooted for. The likes of another idol, John Elway.

Not being married to one regional sports team, I proudly wore my Broncos attire lovingly given to my by my Colorado family.

The thing I want people to understand is that I was a Broncos fan before being a fan was cool.

I wore the attire of the Orange Crush before Elway led the Broncos to back to back SuperBowls.

I'm the one on the left.

Love the stance, don't you?

It says, I am too cool for my own good.

Third graders RULE!

And the rolled up cuffs on the jeans? Klassy!

I wonder what happened to the neighbor girl on the right?

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We are THAT Family said...

You make cool look cool! This cracked me up. I love 'the stance' and the rolled cuffs. Do I detect a perm?

Go Broncos!

Thanks for playing along!

franticallysimple said...

You are so rockin' the Brocos gear.

THopgood said...

Yes but you didn't have your pants tucked into your socks....that was WAY cooler! LOL! Great post!

It All Started With a Kiss said...

You sure know how to strike a pose! Too cute.

JamieLee said...

Thanks for sharing your funny post. I do wonder about old friends and neighbors sometimes - what the heck happened to them and what are they like now?

Alicia said...

Love the 'too cool' look. Self confidence looks good on you!

Darla said...

I remember rolling up my jeans (in 4th grade though). That was hip...wasn't it?

That reminds me, what year were leg warmers the big fad? I had some serious leg warmers.

Bahama Shores Mama: said...

I too was born of the gypsy mother. 16 schools! But you have a WAYYY better memory than me.

Aimee said...

The cuffs were a MUST! No cool kid worth their salt wore jeans any other way. And are those high-tops? Because I had some awesome pink LA Gear high-tops that were rad. Totally.

Thanks for stopping by my place :)

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

"The thing I want people to understand is that I was a Broncos fan before being a fan was cool."

Too funny! That's certainly an important point to make clear.