Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lava lamps

Here is a neat-o recipe that you can make anytime and combines some of the most fun drinky related ingredients.

Who doesn't like champagne? Who doesn't like jello shots?

Who ever thought of putting them together?

That's right! Here's the lowdown. First you make your jello shots. Combine one package of jello (I think cherry is my favorite but blue raspberry might be kind of fun for this project), one cup of boiling water and mix well. When the jello is dissolved, pour in a cup of vodka. (shhhhh)

Find your itty bitty Dixie cups and pour out itty bitty shots of jello into the cups and put them in the fridge to cool and gel-i-fy.

Once they are jiggly, get out your champagne flutes and make sure they aren't dusty like mine! You can use a plain ole' $3.00 a bottle Korbel (my kind of price) but they also have cool sparklies now like cranberry or peach. Pour the sparkly of choice into the glass, about 2/3 full. Then add your jello shot.

I like to mush it up a bit before I add the jello to the champagne, to make it more like a lava lamp and less like a bobbing blob but it's totally your choice.

Now, enjoy! Groovy man.

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