Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love Colorado

We woke up today to SNOW! I can't believe it. What a strange spring this has been. I keep thinking I want to plant some flowers or vegetables or something (not that I have any seeds or starters or anything like that) but I keep procrastinating obtaining said seeds or starters. Apparently, God is playing along because it snowed today, which might've just ruined my newly planted flowers.

We have this lilac tree bush in our front side yard which is totally OUT OF CONTROL. I pruned it over the weekend. That is a tough thing to do, because I'm constantly amazed that anything grows in our yard, I hate to start hacking away at things! So I climbed inside this beast and snipped away at the dead branches. Lilacs, I've found, can grow and grow without much assistance from their humans. But though this bush is enormous (literally, at least 11 feet tall and growing wider by the year), it only holds flowers at the very tips of its branches. So there is a whole lot of just bare wood on the inside of the bush. All the flowers are fighting for the light so it just keeps growing bigger and bigger each year. And it's slow to bloom. All over the city there are big, full, droopy with flower lilac bushes. Ours have started to bud, but no real flowers yet.

Anyhoo, with the snow today, it made me want to curl up in bed this morning and I fully resisted leaving said warm haven this morning. But then Handsome went and made coffee, and refused to bring me a cup, thus forcing encouraging me to greet the new day. Sloppy ride on the bus this morning, but I was grateful to not have to drive!

Our firm has hired two yoga instructors to come teach classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We had a substitute instructor today and I thought she was great! So at lunchtime, I did an hour of yoga, which is just such an awesome break in the middle of the day. And it really allows me to let whatever work stuff "go" and be present in the moment. Then, I had leftover lasagna (lasagne? Which way is it spelled?) for lunch. Now THAT is a great meal during a cold snowy day in CO.

Oh, and the weekend looks to be in the 70s! Maybe I can get some flowers in containers? Actually, I would rather plant some herbs, because I use them so often and they are so expensive to buy at the store. This coming weekend is one of those lovelies that I have nothing planned. Don't you LOVE those? And with weather like that, I'm willing to bet Handsome won't be able to resist coming on a bike ride!

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