Friday, May 16, 2008

Some days you're the bug...

And some days you're the windshield. Yesterday I felt like the bug.

A good friend, confidante, and coworker of mine, told me recently "Your hair is really DARK. Do you like it that dark? I'm not fond of it."

I really admire her honesty and frankness. However, you just don't dis a girlfriend's 'do! In fact, I got my hair colored recently because there were a few too many of the grey variety poking all over and thought that a reddish wash would look simply stunning. My hair is dark brown, and stayed dark (obviously) with a red tint in the right light while squinting one eye.

I loved it! It was different enough for me to adore it and the cut was cute, but it was not SO different that my husband didn't recognize me when I came home from the hairdresser. It suited me just fine thankyouverymuch.

So I dodged the unrequested critique and let the comment lie.

A couple hours later, she strolls by my desk where I have a calendar which shows pictures of my son, wonderfully created by his parents. This month, the boy has his face painted like a falcon. My coworker, who had already gushed about my hair, walked by and said "I don't really like that photo; it's not my favorite."

OH! It is one thing to insult a woman's beauty, it is quite another to disrespect a kid who just wants to have some falcon fun!

I said "My, you sure are full of compliments today!"

And she stood there, looking at the calendar, realizing that she had a case of foot-in-mouth. Then she apologized and I forgave her but I had to come and blog about it so now I can really forgive her.

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