Monday, May 26, 2008

When in doubt, post a recipe

I love how the easy foods are what my husband ooohs and ahhhs over.

We grilled chicken breasts this weekend (in the garage, because it was pouring outside. Why does it insist on pouring when we've got plans to bbq?) but I was relatively un-motivated to "do" anything with them.

I remembered we had about 500 7 bags of ramen noodles from the 10/$1 sale last week. I boiled some peas, threw in the ramen noodles and let it cook a minute. I drained most of the water and mixed in half the seasoning. Then, I took a few chunks (read 1/4 cup) of cream cheese and put that in the pot with the noodles and peas.

I diced up the chicken breast and dished it all up. It was pretty darn yummy!

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